YouTube has launched its own TikTok like Platform in India-Shorts


YouTube has launched its own TikTok in India. YouTube Shorts have limit of videos to 15 seconds and platform will provide feature creator tools which is similar to Chinese-owned TikTok’s.

India have banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps in June 2020 as considering the facts of country safety and integrity as many applications found having their hands dirty by leaking sensitive user information to Chines Government as per Chines Government policy they are forced to share those information.

Due to huge popularity of TikTok earlier and chance raised for all big businesses to get TikTok users retained due to non-availability apps of apps anymore in India as there is huge potential to engage more than 130 million users market.

YouTube is another very popular globally video platform available in market with grown demand of videos globally was also part of competition with many other local competitors who have responded to fill void after TikTok’s ban in India.

YouTube’s VP Product Management Mr. Chris Jaffe said Youtube Shorts is “for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones” in a blog post.

Youtube Shorts will features a multi-segment camera to string multiple video clips together, speed controls, and a timer and countdown to record hands-free.

Youtube Shorts also gives users the option to record using music as well as access to a library of songs.

Not only in India similar case have been sought in US Market as well. When Mr. Donald Trump and White house shows same intentions to ban TikTok and they have given deadline similar kind of race also seen in United States.

Tech joints who have no such experience also were jumped into content. Earlier Microsoft Revealed it had been rejected on Sunday.

You can see more at below.

Microsoft Revealed it had been rejected on Sunday

There was pressure of deadline for TikTok to finalize the deal so they have picked Oracle    as “trusted technology partner” with video-sharing app.

TikTok owner has announce that Oracle is now “trusted technology partner”  with video-sharing app.

Please see below confirmation of Tiktok .

Oracle confirms partnership with TikTok Apps

There is no sync between Oracle & TikTok at all how both conducts their business.Same view has been expressed by BBC as well.

The aim of the deal is intended to avoid President Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the app in the US over national security concerns.

Why does Oracle’s billionaire founder want TikTok?

Mr Jaffe said YouTube Shorts as the product gets improved and new featured added we will extend the reach of app to other countries as well.

As per Mr Trump users’ data is accessible by Chinese government and exploiting user data in current world scenario.

India Government raised similar concerns and banned the many apps in June 2020 including TikTok.

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