‘We brought Mahant’s body down as we thought he was alive’

LUCKNOW: Three days after Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP) chief Mahanat Narendra Giri’s body was found hanging from the ceiling of his room, a 1.44 minute video clip surfaced on Thursday showing in detail the situation inside the room minutes after the incident came to light.
The video shows the body of the seer lying on the floor with a yellow nylon rope tied around his neck. Two mobile phones of the seer could be seen kept on the table along with a letter pad of Baghambari Math, similar to the one used for writing the ‘suicide note’. There are also no noticeable signs of struggle in the room.
Police personnel are also heard in the video asking one of his disciples who opened the door. To which a disciple says that first he made two calls to the seer but as he got no reply, he broke open the door to find that he had hanged himself and later brought down his body. The cop further asks as to why he did not inform the police before bringing the mahant’s body down? The disciple answers that he thought that seer was alive. One cop also asks who switched on the ceiling fan?
The room according to the video is in order, showing no signs of struggle inside. However, sources privy to the SIT probe disclosed that the room where Mahant Narendra Giri was found, happens to be a guest room and would be opened only when Narendra Giri wanted to meet any visitor.
The SIT on Thursday also questioned all the disciples in the mutt who were first to reach the spot and broke open the door. Another section of team members also questioned the guards deployed in the security of the mahant who allegedly were not present on the fateful day.

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