Watch: Video of an electric scooter’s battery exploding; raises safety concerns

If you are already used to news around batteries of smartphones exploding then there’s a new concern. As we witness a huge push towards adoption of electric vehicles, especially two-wheelers, a video has emerged on social media showcasing how devastating it can be if the battery of an electric scooter explodes.
A video shared on Twitter captured a parked electric scooter catching fire after quite literally throwing ashes and dense smoke in the air, mimicking a volcanic eruption. There is no confirmed information about how the electric scooter caught fire. We also do not know whether someone tampered with the electric circuit or battery unit of the scooter to cause the incident. So, it is early to question the safety of electric scooters in general. But there’s one thing that seems to have scared every one of social media– if the battery of an electric scooter explodes then it can be life-threatening.

Twitterati was quick to identify the brand and model of the electric scooter. It was identified as ePluto made by a startup called Pure EV. This is a two-year-old startup incubated in IIT Hyderabad and is claimed to have sold 25,000 electric vehicles in the last 18 months.
In the last couple of years, a lot of electric two-wheeler companies have popped up across the country offering electric scooters at competitive prices. With massive Lithium ion batteries powering these scooters, very little reliable information or benchmark is available in the country that can assure the safety of these vehicles.

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