Vote wisely, good MLA crucial for proper development: Yogi

LUCKNOW: Appealing to a gathering in Hapur to vote wisely in the coming election as a ‘good public representative is crucial to proper development’, CM Yogi Adityanath said on Wednesday that he had to intervene to allow the kanwar yatra to take place in 2017, after dispelling doubts in the administration that a real bhakt or believer could not be indisciplined.
“I told them these the kanwars are devotees of Lord Shiv and they will follow all rules. No real devotee can be indisciplined and we should provide them with facilities accordingly,” he said.
Saying that faith is the country’s biggest power, Yogi said there were restrictions on use of the bell, conch shell, DJs during the kanwar yatra but he gave permission to allow their use.
“All festivals are now being held peacefully. However, we must remember that we cannot be bigger than the country. People can have their own faith, their caste but this should not be an obstacle in the way of rashtriya dharma. A good public representative will ensure security, proper development and a peaceful environment,” he said. Inaugurating 173 projects worth Rs 342 crore for Hapur district, the CM said that had the MLA of Dhaulana, one of the three assembly constituencies in the district, also been from BJP, then the area would not be getting only routine projects but the MLA could have ensured that some larger project was also set up there.
He said that since Narendra Modi became the PM, the national agenda had changed and the government was working for farmers, women, poor, youth. Similarly, present UP was a part of new India where there was development and each citizen was safe and the government would not allow anyone to play with their security.
“This is the same west UP where 4.5 years back people were asking whether women here will ever be safe. Who has forgotten the Muzaffarnagar riots? In the past 4.5 years, we have made UP riot free,” the CM said.
Targetting the Opposition, the chief minister made a reference to an SP MP who has allegedly spoken in support of the Taliban, and said that such persons were hurdles in the way of development.

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