UP holds reverence among most faiths: Yogi

LUCKNOW: Calling Uttar Pradesh the centre for spiritual tourism, chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday said that the state was an important centre for possibly most major religions and faiths.
Speaking at the Tourism Carnival to mark World Tourism Day, the CM said that this year was even more important for the state as UP Tourism was celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Glimpses of colourful performances by various artists on the opening of the three-day Tourism Carnival
“When tourism facilities were developed in the world, the first ever effort must have possibly been made in the field of spiritual tourism. In this sector, UP is the world’s most endowed state as it has all major centres associated with every kind of faith,” he said.
Saying that the BJP-led governments at the Centre and state had made all efforts to develop UP’s potential in spiritual, heritage and eco-tourism and present it before the world, the CM listed out the major attractions in the state which his government was promoting as centres for tourism and centres which had so far not received any attention from previous governments.

“We have Lord Ram’s birth place Ayodhya, Lord Krishna’s Mathura, the oldest city in the world Kashi or the longest and purest rivers Ganga and Yamuna, at the Sangam of which Prayagraj Kumbh is held. We also have Shaktipeeth or areas associated with Buddhism,” he said.
The CM spoke about the 2019 Kumbh, saying that earlier, western media had dismissed the event as a chaotic, dirty festival, marked by stampedes and unruly behaviour. He said that like attempts were made to discredit Haridwar Kumbh this year, some tried to malign Prayagraj Kumbh too but it was an international success with 24 crore devotees visiting it over 45 days.
Saying that tourism development led to job generation and improving the state’s economy, the CM added that it was important to develop sites and present all activities before the world as ‘events’, the CM also pointed out that UP was the centre of the independence struggle and efforts had to be made to highlight these sites related with the events, on an international platform.

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