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UP cops fire at car carrying BJP man, relatives

MEERUT: A group of policemen in plain clothes surrounded a car carrying a BJP functionary and four of his relatives in UP’s Shamli, allegedly opening fire that left one of the men with a bullet wound. The incident, caught on CCTV camera, shows a car pulling up in the middle of a road with its left indicator blinking and a bunch of men swiftly surrounding it. The car then speeds away, almost hitting two cops of the special operation group.
Senior police officers, caught off guard by Tuesday’s incident, have ordered an inquiry. Shamli SP Sukriti Madhav said, “We are trying to verify if the firing was intentional or not.”
It is 100% the fault of police, says BJP neta
Looking at the video, we can see the car has tinted windows, making it difficult to see who is sitting inside. The vehicle speeds off. That must have prompted the cops to open fire. But all these things are a matter of investigation,” Shamli SP Sukriti Madhav said.
BJP district president Satyender Tomar said, “The video exhibits very clearly that it is 100% the fault of police. We have registered our protest with the police brass. They have asked for two days to bring out the truth and take action against the culprits.” The BJP member, Ashwin Panwar, 41, said that had he not fled, the cops would have killed him. He alleged that his political rival and former SP MLA Ratan Pal was behind the attack. Pal’s daughter Deepa Pawar refuted the allegations.

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