United State first family tested corona positive


    Net Breaking News has come from United States of America that United State first family tested corona positive.

    We all know that America is one of the most impacted country by Coronavirus.

    Now Coronavirus have entered in white house and Mr. President Donald Trump and first lady Malenia Trump has been reported covid-19 positive when tested for it once Hope Hicks reported positive.

    Some reports are there that pair’s daughter test is also reported positive.

    On Friday morning Donald Trump tweeted that he and his wife Melania Trump Corona were found to be virus positive. They have quarantined themselves once test results found positive.

    It is also evident to share that personal advisor in white house for Mr. President Hope Hicks also reported Corona positive on Friday.

    Donald Trump wrote in a tweet that after Hope Hicks was hit by Corona, now me and Melania have also done the test and we are also reported positive.

    Now Mr. President and first lady of state have to be in quarantine for the next 2 week. Another test will be performed after a week. 

    This have taken placed just before one month before to US President Election. This may have negative impact on his campaign.

    As of now it is not sure will it have impact on US President Election or not .For to be fair election should be postponed considering the current covid situation in states. 

    This was about united state first family tested corona positive as of now.We can take lesson and need to follow all lockdown process and keep washing your hands regularly and follow social distancing as we are just behind united states if we talk about impact of pandemic. 

    India Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi tweeted and wished Donald Trump and Melania Trump to recover from this and get well soon.


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