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Union health ministry guidelines SOP for classrooms teaching

Union health ministry guidelines : SOP for classrooms teaching

NEW DELHI: Union health ministry has announced guidelines for the conduct of teaching activities in the classrooms starting from 21.09.2020.SOP for classrooms teaching will be in effect.

Union health minister of state and family welfare, Mr. Ashwini Kr. Choubey have shared a picture of guidelines on his twitter handle on Sunday ie 13.09.2020.

Union health ministry have issued SOP-Standard Operating Procedures to be followed for Skill training institutes, Higher Education Institutes conducting courses in technical programs requiring lab work to be permitted from September 21.

Seating arrangements must be done in accordance keeping in view of social distancing and must keep 6 feet distance between chairs and desks.

Staggering of classroom activities must be done having separate time slots considering physical distancing and disinfection of classroom premises. Education scheduling must have intermix of regular classroom teaching and online assessment.

Teaching faculty have to make sure that they themself and students ear masks throughout teaching activities and sharing of items like laptops, notebook, stationery amongst students should not be allowed.

Union Health Ministry have already issued SOP on September 8 regarding partial reopening of schools for students of for 9 to 12 class .

SOP follows four guidelines of home ministry which came into effect from September 1 2020.Home Ministry had instructed states and Union Territories must permit up to 50 % teaching and non-teaching staff.This is to insure availability of teaching staff to school for online classes non-teaching staff to address the queries from students if any.This have to be started from September 21.

Students of 9 to 12 classes can be permitted to visit their schools if school does not falls in containment zones for taking advice from teachers with the written consent from parents/ guardians.

SOP says cleaning and regular disinfection using sodium hypochlorite for frequently used items  wherever probability of infection is more like chairs, benches, washroom, door knobs, elevator buttons, handrails, have to be made mandatory dis-infected across school.

Before starting class above said dis-infection process must have to be carried out including other common areas and same process have to be done on daily basis at the end of daily schedule.

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