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Two mucor deaths, 15 new cases at KGMU

LUCKNOW: Two women, including a Lucknow resident, died of mucormycosis (black fungus) at King George’s Medical University (KGMU) on Wednesday. While the woman from Lucknow was 56-year-old, the second victim, a native of Shahjahanpur, was 46.
The Lucknow resident had survived Covid-19, but had diabetes and chronic kidney disease. She acquired black fungus infection during the Covid treatment and died of septicemia. The Shahjahanpur resident was suffering from severe pneumonia due to Covid-19. She was also diabetic and had heart issues.
On Wednesday, KGMU reported 15 new black fungus patients. In all, 339 black fungus patients have been admitted to the KGMU since May this year. The university is facing shortage of black fungus drug — Amphotericin B Injection. It is also adopting alternative methods like hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of mucormycosis patients.
Given the constraints, KGMU performed surgery on 12 patients of the disease requiring tissue debridement. Seven patients were also discharged on Wednesday.

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