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TRP Manipulation Charges against Arnab Goswami by Param Bir Singh

NEW DELHI: Mumbai Police chief Param Bir Singh spoke about engagement of Three TV channels which includes Republic TV is going to be probed with charges of TRP manipulation.TRP Manipulation Charges against Arnab Goswami by Param Bir Singh

TRP stand for Television Rating Points. It is a criterion to judge which TV programs and channels are viewed the most and it also indicates the viewer’s choice and recognition of a specific channel.

Mumbai police commissioner Param Bir Singh said that Republic TV lead by Arnab Goswami and other two TV channels Fakt Marathi and Box Cinema are under scrutiny for manipulating TRP.

While providing details about the TRP manipulating racket Param Bir Singh told that an organization named HANSA was found helping these channels as middleman in manipulating TRPs. Approximately 2,000 barometers installed in Mumbai which were used to control TRP.

They were sending few people to households on behalf these channels and used to offer money on monthly basis and asked them to keep watching these channels.

As per Mumbai Police they offered each household approximately Rs 400-500 per month for favoring them as mentioned above. This have been confirmed by various households that they were being paid as mentioned above.

Param Bir Singh told to media that Mumbai Crime Branch have disclosed about TRP racket have and they have already arrested two Marathi channels owners in case of TRP manipulation and also said that Republic TV promoters and directors is also going to be summoned soon.

Earlier Broadcast Audience Research Council popularly known as BARC said on Thursday that they are committed to report a true picture of television viewership and have welcome probe by Mumbai Police.

Later Param Bir Singh said in a statement that BARC functions under the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and they have installed 30,000 barometers in homes to monitor TV consumption and come out with the TRP ratings.

Marketers place their advertisements based on TRP so manipulation of TRP may have resulted loss which have to be investigated to reveal how much exact loss happened.

Param Bir Singh told reporters that a national TV news channel was also facing flak over its attack on Mumbai Police and Maharashtra government in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case have been also found involved in TRP manipulation racket.

Those who were part of TRP manipulation is going to be arrested very soon and channels bank accounts will be reviewed.If any discrepancy found they will be summoned by police for further investigation in TRP Manipulation case.

There is discussions going on about this in public that it has been taken to target Republic TV and it have been planned since Palghar case and Sushant Singh Rajput Murder case and Disha Salian suicide case as earlier also Arnab have been called by Mumbai Police and also Arnab have been attached physically earlier due to escalating Palghar case.

Mumbai police is utilizing BARC to show fairness in this case. Also Arnav have confronted this that Times Today have been found in manipulating TRP many times.Also country have seen acts from of mumbai police earlier in all these cases.

Many things happened in India in recent days which have mis-leaded Indian Public and force them to feel that there are no fair dealings in any case. This have caused great amount of concern for aam aadmi due to failure of fair justice.

TRP Manipulation Charges against Arnab Goswami by Param Bir Singh is this real or it is also an foul play because he raised his voice in all three recent cases including Palghar Case,Sushant Singh Rajput murder case and Disha Salian suicide/murder/rape case whatever is getting confirmed after CBI probe.

Too much resources is being used by agencies and either no results or only unexpected results are getting declared seems waste of resources and reports are not mostly welcomed by general people as their doubts are not getting cleared.

Matters escalated across world and still some agencies people like Dr. Sudheer Gupta still trying to make decisions in favour of culprits.Not sure how he could do this and later another agencies just say we are not responsible for his statement.

Do,t all these agencies understand that these kind of incidents must reduce their trustworthiness and they lose credibility.

Is arnab is going to pay price for it ? As timing of this probe indicates or some smell of foul play may be there.As TRP system have been always in hands of big players of Industry and there have been no probe on TRP at all in past.

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