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The Apple Watch Series 7 may be delayed due to this reason

Apple Watch Series 7, the upcoming wearable device from Apple that is expected to be launched this month along with the next iPhone, has reportedly hit a production snag. This was reported by both Nikkei and Bloomberg implying that this could lead to the device being released later than expected. The issue in production is said to be due to manufacturing issues courtesy of the new design.
According to the report by Nikkei, even though the small-scale production for the next Apple Watch had begun, however, it is witnessing “critical challenges in reaching satisfactory production performance.” Similarly, Bloomberg said production has now been “temporarily halted.”
It is hard to believe that Apple is running this far behind schedule and the production of Apple Watch Series 7 has just started when the launch is around the corner. But it remains to be seen as this could lead to a delay in the availability of the device, even though we may see the company announcing the device on the day of launch of the iPhone.
Apple Watch Series 7: Expected specs and features
With the new Apple Watch Series 7, the company is said to make some changes to the design and move away from the soft rounded corners of the edges to feature squared-off edges and a flatter display.
It is also being said that the display will be bigger than the panels found on the Apple Watch Series 6. Along with the display, the smartwatch series will come with slightly bigger cases as each model is said to get a 1mm bump.
If this report is true, then Apple will make design changes to its smartwatch after three years. The company made the design changes in Apple Watch for the first time with the Series 4 devices.

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