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Telemedicine provider reports high teleconsultation uptake in the Philippines

Telemedicine provider Medgate saw a 170% increase in teleconsultations in Philippines last year, with an 80% case resolution rate.


The surge in teleconsultations came after it partnered with the Philippines Department of Health and the National Privacy Commission to deliver free telemedicine services, which helped in easing hospital occupancy and preventing the spread of COVID-19. Since the partnership began, it has delivered 70,000 virtual consultation services to patients across the country.

Medgate’s round-the-clock online treatment programme connects patients to licensed specialist doctors; provides e-prescriptions, laboratory requests and certificate of medical teleconsultation; and facilitates medicine delivery.

In addressing patient concerns, it employed a medical co-management approach where doctors can collaborate to establish a diagnosis and provide the best possible treatment.

“With travel and movement restrictions in place, our capabilities, resources, and partnerships have enabled us to provide healthcare solutions to people in need across the country. Our high case resolution rate is proof of telemedicine’s efficiency as a platform for delivering quality care,” said Medgate Philippines President Stavros Athanasiou in a statement.

The Philippines recorded over one million COVID-19 cases with nearly 20,000 deaths as of May, according to Johns Hopkins University’s COVID-19 Dashboard.


Private healthcare providers across the globe extended free telemedicine services during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among them are prominent healthcare players, like Aster DM Healthcare and Al Futtaim Group’s HealthHub in the UAE and Thailand’s Samitivej.

World governments have also delivered telehealth services, free of charge, for their citizens. In Australia, over 56 million telehealth services paid for by Medicare, the country’s universal health insurance system, were brought to about 13.6 million patients over the past year. Japan’s Trade Ministry also arranged free virtual consultations for citizens in partnership with Mediplat and LINE Healthcare.

In India, volunteer doctors recently started offering free COVID-19 consultations through online channels such as the eGlobalDoctors platform to help keep patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms out of emergency rooms.


“At Medgate, innovative healthcare made easy is our mission. By understanding the changing behaviours of Filipinos, especially when it comes to the use of technology, we will continue to improve our services to focus on delivering a telehealth experience that prioritises patients at every point of care,” Athanasiou stated.

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