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Sunil Gavaskar reclaimed i have not blamed Anushka Sharma nor made any sexist comment

DUBAI: One of the greatest batsman of India Sunil Gavaskar have boldly clarified while commentary session today during Friday match between CSK and Delhi Capitals that I have not blamed Anushka nor made any sexist comment to her.

He was just trying to clarify what exactly he said and urged people to listen to it mindfully and then if still they feel it was not right then they can react with their statement.

Further he requested not to give your ear on unnecessary reports in Media and Social Media. He have neither blamed Virat Kohli’s actor-wife Anushka Sharma for poor performance by Team India captain. He never made any sexist remarks during IPL match there was misinterpretation of his statement.

Virat Kohli leading RCB and you must be already aware about huge expectation from him to make team win but he have had really bad day during match against Kings XI Punjab while K.L Rahul performed exceptionally well and given a lifelong remembering innings from him also performed really well as a captain.

Virat Kohli have a real nasty day as he dropped two really easy catches as well which was really turning point of the match.

While Virat was batting, Mr. Sunil Gavaskar was on commentary and said Virat is keen to enhance his abilities and he knows he can do by practicing more. Further he added that during lockdown Kohli faced only Anushka` s bowling and it is getting reflected that he have not practiced well during lockdown .It can be seen in his two recent performances and in terms of drop catches.

Gavaskar was doing his commentary on Star Sports 1 Hindi channel when he made the comment and also he clarified same thing on same channel while doing commentary in CSK Vs DC match on Friday ie 25.09.2020.

What exactly happened comment made by Legendary Sunil Gavaskar did not go well in with Kohli and Anushka’s fans. Some of them demanded that he should be sacked from Star Sports commentary panel and he has been lashed out on social media. Anushka issued a press release on her Instagram page and said that Gavaskar’ s message was distasteful.

Gavaskar even said that his comments were not understood within the right context. He just referred in regard to an video clip in which Kohli and Anushka seen enjoying cricket in their own compound.

Gavaskar speaks about incident on India Today Channel that I am only saying that video showed she was bowling to Virat. Virat has only played that much level of bowling during lockdown period I am not blaming her as no one have facility to go out and practice in lockdown due to current ongoing pandemic.

Gavaskar confronted rubbished allegations made to him on social media that he made a “sexist comment”.

I have always supported for Indian Cricketers to have their wife with them while touring comparing a normal guys doing 9-5 jobs and they return to home and enjoy their family life as well so why cricketers  have their wives with them while on tours for Indian Cricket.

He was just trying to say that during commentary Aakash Chopra was also talking about the fact that there was little or no chance for any proper practice during lockdown for all including Virat.

Same statement has been made by Prithvi Shah before the start of match between CSK & DC on Friday and it is undeniable fact .

Rustiness has been observed for many players due to lack of practice in their first match .For example even Rohit Sharma was not striking the ball well and he performed really well in his second innings. Same with MSD did not strike the ball well in his first match.

Anushka & Virat fans are making this unnecessary issue it was just an natural comment by an commentator expressing his view which is absolutely part of due diligence of a commentator .It is absolutely not related to blaming anyone including Anushka or making any sexist comment.

There is no reason one of the greatest batsman of India in history will make any such personnel comment .

Players have to be focused to raise their performance when criticized as expectation level is very high instead of getting involved into such kind of things.

As per our personal opinions all the players across would is being criticized  on poor performances either it is Virat or Gavaskar himself during his days.

We are not sure how Virat or Anushka followers can forget who is Sunil Gavaskar before making such statement.If Virat is current captain it does not wash out anything what Gavaskar given to country till date in terms of cricket growth in India.

It has been always same appraisals are only awarded for good performances and good efforts not based on names.So all players are expected to take criticism in positive manner and try to perform as per expectations. 

We expect this should end now and all will focus on task in their hand.

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