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Story Of Moksha Of Thumbimankondi And Sri Ramanujacharya

When Sri Ramanujacharya stayed in Tirupati for one year,
milk, curd and ghee was supplied by Thumbimaankondi. Once, Sri Ramanujacharya
called her to his place to pay her money for milk, curd and ghee for the whole
year. To the surprise of Sri Ramanujacharya, Thumbimankondi did not take the
money instead she asked Sri Ramanujacharya to give her moksha or liberation.

Sri Ramanujacharya asked her who told her that he can
provide moksha to her.

An innocent Thumbimankondi told Sri Ramanujacharya that if he
gave a letter of recommendation to Srinivasa (Venkateswara) she would get

Sri Ramanujacharya wanted to know what he should write in
the letter.

She told that he should write so powerfully and intensely
that she be granted moksha.

Sri Ramanujacharya then wanted to know if he indeed write
such a letter what will she do with it.

Thumbimankondi told Sri Ramanujacharya that she would climb
the Tirumala hills with the letter and then present the letter to Lord
Venkateshwara worshipped in the Tirupati temple.

Sri Ramanujacharya was happy and decided to reward her
confidence and devotion with a recommendation letter.

Sri Ramanujacharya wrote that Thumbimankondi had single-minded
and unwavering devotion and performed selfless service to Bhagavan. So I
request you to give her moksha.

Thumbimankondi took the letter, climbed the hill and sat in
the temple. She held the letter and waited before the temple without eating
food or sleeping.

Srihari Venkateswara was so impressed with her single-minded
focus and devotion that he appeared before her and took her to Vaikunta.

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