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Sri Krishna Janmasthan Temple Mathura – The Exact Spot Where Sri Krishna Was Born

There is a serious defect, a manufacturing defect that our senses have (the senses of sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing). Yes, even God, the almighty, is not an error-free manufacturer! What is the defect? If the eyes were to see, why cannot they see inside your body, the state of different organs? If the skin could touch, why does it not touch your organs, why does it not touch your heart? This is the defect of our sense organs, the manufacturing defect that they can see only outside, the external. They cannot see inside. Unlike the surveillance cameras so common nowadays, these camera-like sense organs of ours cannot rotate 360 degrees; they cannot rotate even 180 degrees. This is the problem. Tilicho Lake, Manang in Nepal The problem of the outward gaze keeps us preoccupied with the problems of others, other beings or things. We are always concerned with this person or that thing and set out to correct them, all the time unaware of the manifold problems we are suffer

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