Six arrested for man’s murder in Pratapgarh

PRAYAGRAJ: A woman, with the help of her brother, allegedly got her husband killed to exact revenge for the alleged domestic violence and abuse she was subjected to at the hands of her husband. The accused woman had asked her brother to arrange for contract killers and paid the killers by handing over her gold earrings worth Rs 35,000 to the contract killers.
The startling facts came to the fore when a team of Pratapgarh police on Friday cracked the Suniyawa murder case where the body of an unidentified man was recovered near a canal near village Suniyawa under the limits of Manikpur police station of Pratapgarh district on September 18.
The police later identified the body as Kanhaiya Saroj alias Ramashankar, a resident of Baghrai. After the killing, the wife of the deceased had also lodged an FIR at the Hathigawon police station to dodge the police and get out of the way of suspicion.
On Friday, police arrested six persons including Sapna Saroj (wife of deceased), Govind Saroj ( brother of Sapna), Dawloo Saroj, Nadeem, Mohit Kumar and Shivkumar alias Shiva, residents of Pratapgarh and Prayagraj. The police also claimed to have recovered a nylon rope (used in killing) and a pair of gold earrings worth Rs 35,000 from the accused.
The accused woman, Sapna, told police that her husband was addicted to liquor and drugs and that he used to thrash her and their kids. She also alleged that she doubted her husband over extra-marital affairs. The couple also used to have heated brawls frequently, said police.
Getting fed up over her husband’s ill intentions and habits, the woman hatched the conspiracy with the help of her brother and asked to arrange for men to eliminate her husband. On September 15, brother Govinda along with four others arrived at his sister’s home and claimed that these four men would do the work. The woman handed over her gold earrings as token money.
As per the plot hatched by the accused wife and her brother, the woman had intentionally sent her husband near a temple located at Korahi on the pretext that her brother was bringing some drugs for him. The killers picked up their target and the husband’s dead body was found the next day near the canal road.

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