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Shravan Month and Shiva – Why Shravan Month is dedicated to Shiva?

Shravan Month (July – August) in Hindu calendars is
dedicated to Shiva. Here are the reasons why Shravan month is dedicated to
Shiva. The main rituals in the month include bathing Shivling with water and observing Shravan somvar vrat. 

1)    Shiva
saved the earth and living beings by drinking Halahala poison in the Shravan
month. Halahala poison appeared during the Churning of Ocean or Samudra Manthan. People observe various vrats and bath Shivling with water in memory of
this divine event.

2)     Young
Markandeya was saved from Yama by Shiva in Shravan month. Markandeya was
destined to die on his 16th birthday. When Yama arrives to take him
away, he hugs on to a Shivling. Shiva then appears and saves Markandeya.

3)     Shiva
is believed to have narrated the glory of Amarnath Pilgrimage in this month to
Goddess Parvati.

4)     Shiva
gives darshan to devotees as Baba Barfani in Amarnath Cave
in this month.

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