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Shani Yantra – Benefits As Per Hindu Astrology

Shani Yantra as the name suggests is associated with Sani
Bhagvan. The Yantra is made using iron as it is believed that this helps in
alleviating troubles created by Shani due to bad positioning of it in a
person’s horoscope. As per Hindu astrology, Shani Yantra is believed to be beneficial for all those
people who believe that the troubles in their life are due to Shani.

The Yantra comes in iron and steel and can be placed in office,
shops and factory. As per astrologers worship of Shani Yantra alleviates job
related problems, court related issues, loan related problems and health

Those people going through Sade Sati is also advised to
worship the Yantra daily by astrologers and priests. 

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