Setting up a smart home setup? Here’s why buying a smart speaker is important

Many people argue that to set up a very basic smart home setup, all you need is some smart home devices like lights, AC, washing machines, TV, etc along with Wi-Fi and a smartphone. That’s it, you are good to go. There is no need for a smart speaker or smart display like Google Next or Amazon Alexa.
For most of the part, they are right and practically you can download apps for each and every smart home device and pair them using your Wi-Fi network and control them.
But take a minute and think about its usability and feasibility. Practically, you will have to open a particular app to control a smart home device. Let’s say you have a couple of bulbs from Philips, a smart AC from Panasonic and a TV from some other brand. To control them, you’ll need to open three different apps. Which is both time consuming and pretty much the same as pressing the switch in your house. The word ‘Home Automation’ is completely missing from the picture.
That’s where a smart speaker or display comes in and they do more than just adding voice control to your smart home setup.
Let’s take another minute and think what if all these smart home devices can be kept at one place or something that acts as a hub for every device and can be controlled from there.
That’s the smart speaker for you. Apart from playing songs on request, telling weather reports, cracking funny jokes, smart speakers also act as a hub for all your smart devices and a lot more. Here’s why you should get a smart speaker even for a basic smart home setup.
Can act as a hub
We have already established this idea, smart speakers can connect to multiple apps within the device and sync with all of them in one go. This is also just a one-time process. Going forward, you can simply ask Google Assistant or Alexa to turn on/off your lights and fans and washing machine or TV or practically any smart home device.
Even if you don’t want to use your voice, you can open the Google Home app or Alexa app and control all your smart home devices from one place.
Works on multiple devices and smartphones
Another major benefit of using smart speakers or displays is that you just have to log in using your login credentials and voila, all your previously connected devices are there, you don’t need to pair them again.
Makes automation easier
These devices not only add to the convenience but also makes it easier to automate a bunch of lights, AC, TV, set-top box with just one command placed in a particular location in your home and also create routines such as you want your bathroom lights and geyser to turn on at 9 am and turn off at 9:30. Without a smart speaker, you will need to open the apps for both the device and set a timer manually for both which is a real pain.
Sure, buying a smart speaker or display is an additional expense over the smart home devices and appliances, but it’s certainly worth it. Also, it is important to keep in mind that you don’t need to get the best option available in the market to get these features, even basic ones can do.

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