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See how the world’s first Apple Store looked 20 years ago in AR

Apple opened its first two brick and mortar stores 20 years ago at Tysons Corner, Virginia and Glendale, California. The iPhone maker is now giving its fans an opportunity to visit these using augmented reality (AR).
The AR model represents these stores exactly as they appeared twenty years ago on grand opening day. The experience is available only on iPhones and iPads. It can be accessed through Safari browser only and is customised for devices running A12 and above.
Apple users can click on the links below to experience early Apple Stores
Apple Store at Tysons Corner, Virginia
Apple Store at Glendale, California
The digital reconstruction matches the original ones from the number and color of Macs on each table to the third-party software titles on the shelves. Even the artworks on the walls and window displays represent the era. Artwork on the walls and window displays are true to the era. The AR model is created to look as accurate as possible within the parameters of available information.
Early Apple Stores were divided into eight distinct categories/sections. These were home, pro, music, movies, kids, photo, genius bar, and etc. The sections were highlighted with backlit signs on the ceiling. They were further divided by pinstripe glass partitions that resembled the original Aqua interface in Mac OS X.
The stores displayed Macs on white Corian tables that were shaped like kidney beans. There were no wooden tables or stone floors in early Apple Stores. The Genius Bar back then was located in the corner, and not at the center.
Each section highlighted solutions and products that were compatible with Mac OS X. These were digital cameras, camcorders, and MP3 players. There were sections that housed accessories like printers, keyboards, and cables.

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