Samsung launches IntensiveWash Dishwasher with Triple Rinse in India at Rs 39,500

Samsung has announced the launch of its IntensiveWash Dishwasher range with Triple Rinse feature in India. Samsung’s new range of Dishwashers comes in Stainless Steel Silver and White colours and will be available in four models starting price of Rs 39,500.
It claims to cleans our usual cooker and ‘kadhai’ and comes with 13 Place Settings that can include a large variety of dishes of different sizes in one wash cycle. The Triple Rinse feature has three rinse cycles that claim to remove stains from heavily soiled dishes.
The dishwasher is also equipped with an AutoRelease Drying feature that automatically opens at the end of a cycle for 10cm to allow steam to escape.
It has a stainless tub that claims to be durable, quieter and remains cleaner than conventional ones. It claims to transmit less noise and handle much higher temperatures to sterilise the dishes.
The device is expected to have a Fingerprint Resistant Finish that can be easily cleaned and a LED display to check the status, settings, remaining time and cycle progress.
It claims to have a smart leakage sensor that shows an error message if any leakage is detected. It will also be available with a Height Adjustment option that gives the flexibility to put large utensils in the Dishwasher.

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