Safari 15 with new tab design for macOS Big Sur and Catalina users

Finally Apple has decided to make Safari 15 available to all Mac users running macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina. This update brings the new tab design. Safari 15 brings to users a new browsing experience that works with combining the address bar with the tab bar. To do this, multiple buttons have been hidden from the main interface and some changes have been made to the tab management.
Apple has also brought back the old Safari interface, which can be availed as an optional layout for users who didn’t like the new unified design. Adding to the new design, Safari 15 also brings you tab groups, synchronized home page settings, and security updates related to the HTTPS protocol.
Some of the new features:
• Tab Groups, to help you save and organize your tabs and provide you with an ease of access across devices.
• Redesigned tabs that take on the color of the webpage.
• Compact tab bar option helps in showing more of your web page on screen.
• HTTPS upgrade automatically switches sites from HTTP to more secure HTTPS when
Some Safari 15 features like built-in translators still require macOS Monterey. Users can update to Safari 15 by just going to the Software Update menu in the System Preferences app. As of, there has been no clear instructions from Apple on when macOS Monterey will be available to the public.

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