Quad countries to focus on steps required to cut down China’s aggression in Indo-Pacific Region


    Quad countries to focus on steps required to cut down China’s aggression in Indo-Pacific Region.

    Surge has been reported in China’s illegal activities in Indo-Pacific region is cause of concern for upcoming foreign ministers meeting of United States, Japan, Australia and India .

    In meeting focus will be on next steps to be taken to cope up with China’s aggression in Indo-Pacific Region.Timing of the meeting is during when China is using their military and economic heft to dominate Eurasian and Indo-Pacific region.

    In last few months China’s stance have grown especially when many country stated blaming China for Covid-19 pandemic as it was originated from Wuhan.

    Michael Pompeo US Secretary of State have given a speech on July 23 2020 and he have proposed formally about  termination of 40 years old US policy about US engagement with China with expectation that China would change and it will be integrated with global economy.

    Mike Pompeo told that we are freedom-loving nations of the world and we must need to induce China to force them to change same as President Richard Nixon wanted.

    We must need to induce China to change their behavior in more creative and assertive ways because China’s actions threaten our people and our prosperity.

    We have must need to change how our people and allies perceive Chinese Communist Party action and force them to behave in constructive manner.  

    US Congressman Tom Tiffany introduced a bill on September 16 requesting Washington to end One China policy and start resuming formal relationship with Taiwan and start negotiations on US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement.

    Congressman also criticized Ex-US President Jimmy Carter for starting diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 1979 without legislative approval in a press briefings.

    Indo-China relations is at lowest level at present because of military stand-off in Galwan Valley as some PLA soldiers attacked Indian Army personnel. India have seen   death of 20 Indian soldiers.

    China suffered many casualties but they have not disclosed officially but it was expected at least more than 45 soldiers.

    Recently Shinzo Abe’s have resigned from post of Prime Minister and Yoshihide Suga have taken over as new Prime Minister of Japan. Now Japan have also hardened its stance on China.

    Japan’s Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi told to reporters that China’s military build-up is a serious concern after his appointment as Defense Minister in Yoshihide Saga’s cabinet .

    China is upset with Nobuo Kishi appointment as Defense Minister  of Japan because Kishi is known for his deep and extensive associations with Taiwan.

    Earlier Nobuo Kishi have expressed that Japan should consider arming Japan with nuclear weapons if needed due to consistently changing international security landscape.

    Recently Australia have shown great concerns with China due to cyber attack from China.

    So Quad countries have to focus on steps required to cut down China’s aggression in Indo-Pacific Region.This is need of hour to have control on current situation in Indo-Pacific region.

    Finally Quad is meeting in Japan at 06.10.2020 .This all is because of China act in Indo-Pacific region and see how china is uniting countries against itself. 

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