Prayagraj: 25 lakh vaccine mark by end of week

PRAYAGRAJ: As the health department ramps up Covid-19 vaccination drive in Uttar Pradesh‘s sangam city of Prayagraj, the number of jabs administered in the district is likely to cross the mark of 25 lakh by the end of this week.
The health department data has revealed that over 24.48 lakh jabs have already been administered to 13.70 lakh male and 10.73 lakh female recipients. Besides, over 6.40 lakh jabs were administered to beneficiaries in just 22 days of September.
Statistics also revealed that as many as 11,504 jabs were administered to recipients in January, 51,575 in February, 1,17,625 in March, 1,86,853 in April, 2,21,808 in May, 2,74,860 in June, 3,52,925 in July, 5,84,496 in August and 6,39,540 in September.
Figures also claimed that out of 24,48,687 doses, 13,68,706 were given to male recipients, 10,76,981 to female recipients, and 1,054 to other beneficiaries.
The district health authorities have set a target of administering jabs to 46.10 lakh beneficiaries and till September 22 it has already crossed the 24.48 lakh mark.
District immunization officer (DIO) and additional chief medical officer (ACMO) Dr Teerath Lal on Thursday told TOI, “Sincere efforts are underway to cover recipients of all age groups living in villages, blocks and urban areas. Moreover, special camps are being held at different places in the city to cover the maximum number of people.”
He added that five special camps have already been held, including two in August and three in September. This has helped the department cover over 24 lakh beneficiaries.
Dr Lal said that the response was way better than expected, and around 20 lakh recipients have been given at least one dose each so far.
The department has, in fact, increased the number of Covid-19 vaccination sites (CVCs) with every passing month, and September witnessed the highest number of sites (400). These measures were taken to expand the reach of health teams, particularly in remote villages. Roughly, 52% of the targeted recipients have been given jabs and around 11% are fully vaccinated now.

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