Oracle confirms partnership with TikTok Apps

Oracle a leading tech firm in US extends there confirmation about partnership with TikTok. TikTok owner has announce that Oracle is now “trusted technology partner”  with video-sharing app.
Complete details of the tie-up is still to be disclosed.This decision taken in view of President Trump’s threat to shut down the Chinese-owned service in the US after India have banned many Chinese-owned apps considering country integrity.
Trump have expressed national security concerns using these apps as users’ data could be breached by Beijing under current scenario.
Current prevailing situation in and around china and under very tense which is started after pandemic push from china.
Mr. Narendra Modi India Prime Minister have also taken decision to banned china based apps to avoid exploitation of user data in current scenario.
It seems this decision taken considering current situation and to avoid ban in US.Even Current owner Bytedance denies this which is absolutely expected from him.
TikTok have given confirmation that an extraordinary measures to protect privacy and security of TikTok’s US user data which is stored in the States and Singapore.
Oracle is well known database related firm grown with Sun Microsystems and now they also have Sun Microsystem with them as duo combination was killing and provided very robust infrastructure for global firms.
But they do not have any kind of social media related apps like business of TikTok while being very good technology firm.
Sun Micro System takeover was something inline business.Let us see how this collaboration is going to work incoming time and let us see if this trick can avoid baning of TikTok in States.
Steven Mnuchin US Treasury Secretary presented that Trump administration contacted by American companies to discuss plans to make TikTok a US-headquartered company. Steven told that White House may review this idea in ongoing week.
Microsoft had also attempted to buy the platform, it was declined you can have a look below.
                             Microsoft Revealed it had been rejected on Sunday
Bytedance have to comment yet on the latest development.Oracle’s was having 7% hire trading in mid-morning trade in NY.
Silicon Valley-based research firm Carolina Milanesi expressed opinion that they can see Oracle upside from cloud perspective but it is really hard to believe that how much this deal rests on politics rather than tech .
Oracle’s chairman, Multi billionaire Larry Ellison supports Mr Trump and did fundraising at his California home to aid Republican leader’s re-election campaign in Feb 2020.
White House is also taking having harsh eye against other Chinese tech companies like Huawei, Tencent and many AI based start-ups.Trying to define which business these firms can do with US counterparts without  US administration’s approval.
Deadline was issued by President Trump administration to TikTok’s owner Bytedance to secure deal in another one week.
If failure to make agreement US companies will be prevented to do business with TikTok from Sunday, and Bytedance being forced to give up TikTok’s US operations one way or another by 12 November.
The app’s US team tiktok threatens legal action against trump us ban in an effort to challenge the moves.
This seems pure trick from TikTok and totally unusual alliance let us see how it goes and how national interest can be ignore and how State can overrule current situation world is facing and US being top impacted country and said country is held responsible for pandemic.


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