‘No one can stop UP from becoming Uttam Pradesh under Yogi’

GORAKHPUR: Heaping praise on chief minister Yogi Adityanath for his work done for the development of the state, defence minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said “nobody could stop Uttar Pradesh from becoming ‘Uttam Pradesh’ under the leadership of Yogi Ji.”
“Today, criminals are scared of Yogi Ji’s name in the state. He implemented Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s schemes for the benefit of the people earnestly and set new records of development. During the Covid-19 pandemic, CM Yogi was praised all over the world for the success of the vaccination drive and management of the pandemic. Along with administrative power, he has a strong willpower,” the defence minister said at a programme held for unveiling the statue of Brahamleen Mahant Avaidyanath at Chowk Bazar college in Maharajganj on Friday. The statue was jointly unveiled by the defence minister and the CM.
“Earlier, goondas were more powerful than police but now the police have an upper hand. For a state to excel, maintenance of law and order is the foremost condition and CM Yogi is doing the same. He is demoralizing the criminals and boosting the morale of good people. Now, no one could say that corruption is prevailing in UP under CM Yogi. The state is on the path of development with medical colleges in every district, seven new universities and health security for all,” he added.
The defence minister said that after the change in the government at the Centre in 2014, the nation’s standing in the world has gone up.
In 2017, PM Modi decided to give control of UP to CM Yogi, he said.
The defence minister added, “Today India is not a weak country. No one can encroach upon even one inch of our country’s land. As per our history, we have instructed our forces not to attack first, but if someone attacks us then give a befitting reply. For this, they are not required to take any permission .”
While praising Mahant Avaidyanath, the defence minister said “Mahant Ji worked for social harmony and social unity all his life. CM Yogi is also following the path shown by Mahant Avaidyanath. Mahant Avaidyanath had seen the future and that’s why he chose such a capable successor (CM Yogi)”.
Sharing his memories of Mahant Avaidyanath, the defence minister said, “I am also of Nath sect — ‘Rajnath’. I got blessings of Mahant Avaidyanath. His face used to glow with divine brilliance and his voice was spiritual. I remember in 1971 when I was doing MSc from Gorakhpur University, separatist forces had hijacked an Indian aeroplane and torched it. At that time I had made a student organization and went to Mahant Avaidyanath to seek permission for closing the city as part of our agitation. He advised me to only appeal to the people and not disrespect or cause discomfort to anyone.”
“Nath sect worked to unify the society. The sect has done many important work for the country and society. I have come to know that the main pujari of Gorakhath temple belongs to a dalit community. Mahant Avaidyanath’s name will be written in golden letters in the history of Ramjanmabhoomi (movement). He worked to make entry of dalit community in temples possible. The Nath sect has always given a message of unity to the society,” he added.
CM Yogi praised PM Modi and the defence minister. “We all know about the condition of the nation’s internal and external security before 2014. Many used to infiltrate in the country as per their will and even hijack planes. Bomb explosions and Naxalite attacks were also frequent, but since PM Modi took charge of the country and Rajnath Singh Ji took over Home ministry and later defence ministry, enemies are showing their back,” the CM said.
He added, “Earlier, students of this area used to go to Gorakhpur to get a degree. Later, Mahant Avaidyanath established an inter college under the name of Mahant Digvijaynath in the area.”

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