Niranjani Akhara owns properties across India

PRAYAGRAJ: Contrary to speculations that assets owned by Mahant Narendra Giri’s Baghambari Gaddi Math (monastery) could have been a possible bone of contention between the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP) president and his disciple Anand Giri, police are yet to come across any evidence that could corroborate the theory. It, however, remains unsaid that the monastery does own chunks of land worth several crores of rupees in separate parts of the country.
Sources in the Baghambari Gaddi Math confirmed that the Math owns around 30 acres in Manda tehsil of Prayagraj district, apart from another 25-acre in Shankargarh. It is said that the land at Shankargarh is rich in silica sand which is used to manufacture glass and hence is much more valuable than a normal plot of land.
The Math itself, which is located at Allahpur locality of the city, is spread over an area of around 10 acres. The Math also has Mahant Vicharanand Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, a gaushala and an open field. The property is worth a fortune. The monastery also owns a fleet of high end luxury sedans and SUVs. Till a few years ago, Mahant Narendra Giri had sold off 20-bigha land at Bhardwaj Puram to spruce up the Math.
Speculations of math property being a possible bone of contention between the Guru (Mahant Narendra Giri) and his once favourtie shishya (Anand Giri) stem from the death of another top seer of the math in mysterious circumstances in the past. Mahant Vicharanand, who bought the land where the math presently exists, through donations collected at Bade Hanuman temple, was found dead in train while he was travelling to Haridwar in 1980.
It may be mentioned here that Baghambari Gaddi Math was initially a part of Shri Panchayati Akhara Niranjani and the funds of the math were used to maintain the famous Bade Hanuman Temple at the Sangam. Later, Narendra Giri entered into a court battle as a result of which math came into existence with an identity separate from Niranjani Akhara. Later, Narendra Giri became the Pithadheeshwar of the math and Bade Hanuman temple.
The Niranjani Akhara, too, is quite rich in terms of properties, which are spread in various parts of the country. The akhara owns around 100 bighas of land near Manda in Prayagraj and another 400 bighas in Mirzapur’s Mahuari. This includes 70-bigha land in Mirzapur’s Naidi and another 70-bigha in Sigda. The akhara also owns properties in Haridwar and other parts of the country. There are nearly a dozen temples and ashrams on land owned by the Niranjani Akhara in Haridwar alone.

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