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Next-generation Apple Watch may come with this major health feature

Health features that are available on the Apple Watch include ECG, SpO2 tracking, heart-rate monitoring and sleep tracking. Online reports have previously suggested that the company is planning to bring blood glucose level monitoring on the Apple smartwatch.
Now it is being reported that the feature could be introduced on the Apple Watch as early as next year. According to a report by The Telegraph, the iPhone maker will be adding the glucometer feature to the Apple Watch in 2022.
British electronics start-up Rockley Photonics has developed next generation sensors that are expected to come with Apple devices by next year. These sensors can read signals from a person’s blood via infrared rays emitted from the smartwatch’s back.
The Telegraph report says that Rockley Photonics has confirmed Apple as its largest customer. The revelations come from the latest SEC listing of Rockley Photonics, as the company plans to go public in New York. Rockley CEO Andrew Rickman says that he believes the technology would be available in consumer electronics in 2022. However, he did not confirm that the device could be an Apple device.
The company’s Chief Operating Officer told Forbes about the glucose sensors. He said “Non-invasive sensing of the human body is incredibly challenging. You mention glucose, people have been talking about non-invasive glucose sensing for decades. I read every year that somebody has a non-invasive glucose sensing monitor ready. And what I’ll tell you is, it’s hard enough to detect glucose when you can access the interstitial fluid, it’s way harder to do it with photons.”
In addition to glucose levels, the company is also working on tracking blood pressure and alcohol levels. We can expect next-generation of Apple Watch to come with some of these features. However, this is a mere speculation as both the companies are yet to confirm the same.

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