New Parliament building construction contract awarded to Tata Projects Limited


Lok Sabha session is in progress and officials have announced on Wednesday that New Parliament Building Construction  bid have been awarded to Tata Projects Limited-TPL.

Wednesday ie 16.09.2020 officials announced that bid for building new parliament building has been awarded to Tata Projects Limited .Estimated cost of new building is of Rs 861.90 crore .

First runner up was L&T Ltd who have submitted bid of Rs 865 crore as per officials.

Tata Projects Limited have win contract for building an new Parliament house as there bid was found lowest by approximately 3 crore as declared by officials.

As per officials New Parliament building will be close to existing Parliament building under Central Vista Redevelopment project, and it is supposed to be given in 21 months.

As per CPWD new building will be in plot number 118 of the Parliament House Estate.

CPWD officials said existing Parliament building will keep functioning during entire period of construction till completion of the project and we will see when we can make it functional means India Government will decide the shifting plan once the project is completed.

Congrats to TPL.

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