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Miracles of Devaraha Baba

Devaraha Baba was a Hindu saint of modern times who
performed numerous miracles. There is no idea regarding the birth date of
Devraha Baba or is his age. All that is known is that he attained Samadhi (died)
on June 19, 1990. Some people believe that he lived for more than 200 years and
he had maintained his body intact by severe yogic practices.

Devaraha Baba lived on the banks of Sarayu River in Deoria
District, Uttar Pradesh. He was an omniscient saint, and nothing seemed
impossible for him.

Nobody had seen him reading Hindu scriptures or Shastras,
but his knowledge stunned even the most eminent of scholars.

Once when some farmers of Deoria complained of continuous
erosion of fertile land by the Sarayu River, Baba took up residence at that
place and the erosion ended.

The babul trees near the Ashram of Devaraha Baba had no
thorns. The Babul trees are famous for its sharp long thorns.

During a Kumbh Mela at Haridwar, an elephant ran amok and
the police had orders to shoot it. Baba managed to calm the animal with two

Once in Kashi, he saved devotees in a boat on Ganga from

Baba always asked his devotees to meditate upon any form
that they adorned, because every form was divine and the thought of Bhagavan
destroyed sin.

During his last years he shifted to Vrinadavan and lived
atop a machan on the banks of Yamuna River.

Villagers, common man, powerful politicians, writers, film personalities
all used to arrive to meet and have darshan of the Baba.

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