Lucknow: MBA, techie made Rs 5 crore from fake websites

LUCKNOW: Chasing after a lavish lifestyle and quick money, an MBA graduate joined hands with his science graduate brother and roped in a techie to float fake websites. In the process, they earned Rs 5 crore but landed in jail after two years of a life of crime.
The group made replicas of websites of major companies and gave out fake franchisees to people in return for money.

Lucknow cyber cell on Tuesday arrested Vivekananda, an alumnus of a private MBA college in Bhopal, Shivendra, a BTech graduate from a Gurgaon private institute and Sachidananda, a science graduate from Magadh University. All three are natives of Bihar.
According to police, Vivekananda joined hands with his brother Sachidananda after he lost his Rs 8 lakh per annum job during the pandemic. Techie Shivendra also joined in. They all wanted to retain the lifestyle they were used to.
The cybercell nabbed the gang after one Devrat Chaturvedi was duped of Rs 3 lakh in the name of allotting the franchisee of a famous snacks company in Aashiana.
While working on the case, the cybercell also got a similar complaint from Jaunpur, where businessman Vinod Gupta was swindled of Rs 2 crore on the pretext of allotting him the franchisee of a US auto company.
ACP cybercell Vivek Ranjan Rai said, “Vivekananda and Sachidananda roped in Shivendra who used to design websites akin to original ones and in return, was given a heavy share of the money earned.”
To appear genuine, the gang members used to pose as top bosses of the company and talk to people.
“The bank accounts in which the gang asked victims to transfer money were all based in Maharashtra, Delhi or metropolises like Bengaluru,” said the ACP.
“We will take all three on remand to know more about the case,” he said.
The gang had made over Rs 5 crore in the past two years, duping businessmen in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himanchal Pradesh, and Gujarat.
Two more members of the gang—Kanhaiya Kumar and Suman Kumar—are on the run.

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