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Kanimangalam Sastha Temple In Thrissur

Kanimangalam Sastha temple is located at Kanimangalam in
Kurukancheri village on the Thrissur – Irinjalakuda road in Thrissur district,
Kerala. The Sastha worshipped in the temple is in the sankalpam of padmasana
posture. The temple is one among the 108 Ayyappan kavukal in ancient Kerala. In
Thottam Pattu, which counts the 108 Sastha temples, the shrine is known as

The current vigraham worshipped in the temple is the one
after Punar Prathista.

Kanimangalam Sastha is the only male deity that participates
in the Thrissur Pooram. Rest all are Bhagavathi temples (Goddess). It is
believed that Kanimangalam Sastha is the guardian and protector of all the
Bhagavathis who participate in the Thrissur Pooram.

On the Thrissur Pooram day, Kanimangalam Sastha arrives
before sunrise at the Sree Moolasthanam of Vadakumnathan temple. It is believed
that Sastha will catch fever if he happens to face dew or rain, therefore he
arrives very early.

The temple first belonged to the Namboothiris of the region.
But when the families of Namboothiris perished, the temple came under the
control of Maliyekkal Karta who was one of the Arunattil Prabhus.

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