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Kangana Ranaut : Tollywood is top film industry of India not Bollywood

In her latest tweet Kangana Ranaut expressed her opinion about myth of Bollywood being considered top film industry of India which is absolutely not true.

She said their is wrong perception created by many hindi film industry people glamorizing bollywood as top film industry of india which is not accurate.Actually Telugu Film Industry another name called “Tollywood” is the top film industry of the India.

Tollywood & Bollywood have produced many great cinemas consistently over many decades.  Even both industry have huge fan followings and scope of Bollywood in India is even bigger due to more number of followers of hindi cinema in country.

You can see here list of Top Telugu Actors with their Fanbase basis .

Kangana Ranaut applauded Yogi Adityanath‘s decision taken to start one of the biggest film city in U.P specially in Noida.

This you can assume related with current ongoing rar between actress and bollywood and state government.This is not the first instance of it`s own kind country have seen seen many such instanced related to hindi states migrants in state either it was matter of railway exam incident took place and on many occasion it have been seen they pass many comments for north indian migrants even being well aware Mumbai is Mumbai because of all country contribution.

It is kind of nonsense hindi film industry and hindi speaking community is trolled.Some old migrant comments on new migrants why they migrated earlier.Industry was setup when there was not too much this kind of politics many actores shifted from divided pakistan as well .Now how Bollywood becomes property of any one state. 

Such reforms is really needed in film industry .We may need one big film industry may be named as Indian Film Industry which can represent India out of the world.

Tollywood keeps revolving.They act really fast and complete there films in record time and keep growing their audience day by day.Bollywood have many south indian directors and producers they keep eye on good movies from Tollywood and they almost copy it and release it in hindi and also have huge success.

If you refer youtube you can easily found tons of movies which is rocking internet with hindi version of movies to retain hindi viewers.

Only advantage of Bollywood is that country have more number of hindi viewers as compared to telugu because of many hindi speaking states and being recognized as national language and popularity of hindi globally.

Telugu influenced states are Karnataka Tamilnadu Andhra Pradesh & Telangana and upto some extent Kerala while everyone from India knows very well about Telugu and Tamil.

She expressed that many reforms needed for film Industry and keeping every industry below one roof called Indian Film Industry.It is kind of consolidation of all Indian Film Industries under one roof which seems quite difficult but nothing is impossible.

Bollywood is not less popular you can see top bollywood actor on basis of fan following here.

She said she have urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for consolidation of all film industry under one roof.UP is major state in all hindi speaking states and Film City setup in Noida is been seen and may convert as Central Film Industry of India if all goes as expected to generate more number of employment and also fill the gap of hindi film industry in hindi speaking state which will cover many hindi speaking states like Bihar,MP,Haryana,Punjab,Delhi etc.

Let us wait and watch how things are going to take place in future.You can refer below tweets from her.Please comment what you think on this.

Bollywood & Tollywood both is really huge Industry and both have their huge fan following.Tollywood have started dubbing and started making hindi versions of there films attracting more hindi viewers and getting popular day by day in hindi based internet viewers along with all their mainstream stream movies in telghu which already have huge audience in Telangana,Andra Pradesh,Karnataka,Tamilnadu and Kerala.

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