Kangana Ranaut Sushant Singh Rajput Sanjay Raut Mumbai Shiv Sena

Kangana Ranaut Sushant Singh Rajput Sanjay Raut Mumbai Shiv Sena: Where India is Going? What is happening?

Well after 14 June 2020 the entire country and even the world is watching it with full attention what is happening in Mumbai. This is not very much surprising when the matter comes with Maharashtra.

You can find a number of incidents in history when Maharashtra has behaved in recent history especially after  1947.

The country has seen many hatred statements issue which is completely denied across India.

This kind of situation is really alarming and it has to be cut down considering the progress of India as a country.

With in-country, this kind of question should not be raised which segregates between its state and divide people. Entire countrymen get hurt with these kinds of incidents takes place.

In such a huge democratic country like India how any selected government can start working against the sentiment of people. Looks like Political Parties do not trust anymore in politics. How a person or group of the persons taking an oath to work for state and country can issue a racist comment on anyone.

Every State government is equally responsible for all the residents of the state from wherever they belong either a celebrity, actors, or even common man staying in state and doing his due diligence. How any state can run out of it,s responsibility. We have seen many such cases during the lockdown.

Take the current case that country is witnessing after 14th June 2020. We have been hit badly by Corona and what all processing is happening in Mumbai nowadays.

It is an open secret how the SSR case has been handled till now. How Maharashtra has acted. I do not want to go in more details but everyone knows if IPS was quarantined by BMC. Do the state Govt think that people of the country do not understand what is happening.

Anyhow case is with CBI & NCB and they are actively working on it. Most probably it will lead to a conclusion as every Indian have the right to know what happened in this case. It does not matter actor SSR belongs to which state. He was an Indian Actor part of the Bollywood Hindi Film Industry which is based in Mumbai even I am not too sure why it was set up in Mumbai initially if there were so much concern for so long. As we were in the British period and we were not having a cunning mindset at that time as all India was feeling more united at that time and there was almost no segregation of caste, religion, statism, and no entry of greedy politicians. Everyone was having a feeling of Indians.

State governments have to realize all their activity which must be silently watched by people of the state and it may have an adverse impact in the next elections.

Another Recent incident “Palghar” how it was addressed by the state government and what is happening with the same. People do notice and recognize state government behavior.

This is very surprising to see how a party can change its stand completely for power. This power is given by people of states for managing the state in their interest if followed no need to tell the final results of it.

Please recall Anna Hazare Movement against corruption a few years back what kind of overwhelming response it received from all over the country. Did anyone ask him from which states he belongs too?

You can refer to fight continuously taking place on social media. Kangana and Sanjay Raut keep fighting over social media.Kangana compared Mumbai with POK refering what all is currently happening in SSR case which also exposed heavy use of drug in Bollywood.

It has been seen Sanjay Raut also have made bad comments on Kangana and Kangana also keep retaileating .Matter is keep extending . Sanjay Raut quoted if Kangana is asking for excuse then he will also consider.

These should be stopped. This is not taken positively by any Indians .Progressive approach with justice to all is the going routine.

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