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Jaishankar : Trust armed forces ability to secure our interests

NEW DELHI: External affair minister S Jai Shankar expressed that we need to have trust on armed forces and their ability to keep our interest secured during ongoing border tension with China in eastern Ladakh region.

Mr. Jai Shankar expressed his view that we need to have trust in our system and system efficiency to deal with China on all front negotiating with Chinese authority.

When he was enquired about the current situation at border in Ladakh regions Shree Jai Shankar said that negotiations is on its way and you all know what has been done by China till now and how we have respond to it.

I do understand that media want to know everything but unfortunately everything cannot be shared in media as these are country confidential stuff.
Actually real life is quite different and it is matter of national security. We have very complicated ground situation in Ladakh region.

As per Mr. Jai Shankar #jaishankar also advised media that do not to rush for grabbing confidential information before national security information publicly shared until issue is still in progress means half cooked information.

Mr. Jai Shankar also discussed about his recently published book The India Way and about it’s content exclusively during his interview.

Eastern Ladakh situation got escalated heavily after Galwan Valley incident in which Indian 20 soldiers were killed in clash with Chinese soldiers on June 15.

India have disclosed it immediately and it has been observed that whole country was behind Indian soldiers and given huge tribute for sacrificing their life in national duties while Chinese government were in denial mode and finally they also confessed but still they have not shared much more details about it.

Valley situation keep deteriorated as PLA have made at least three attempts to intimidate Indian army soldiers on bank of northern and southern Pangong lake in the last three weeks.

At LAC shot fire exchanged in the air very first time in last 45 years as it is agreed not to use arms and ammunition in two kilometer range of border between China and India.

After further escalation Mr. Jai Shankar and Chinese minister Wang Yi have a meet in held talks in Moscow on September 10 where five-point agreement formulated to defuse the situation in eastern Ladakh.

Five Point Agreement with China to have peace at LAC

Five point agreement formulated on the basis of sixth round of talks between commander-level talks on Monday .First time joint secretary from the Ministry of External Affairs also attended talks.

  1. Agreement targeted to avoid tense standoff
  2. Quick disengagement of soldiers
  3. Must avoid such action which can escalate tensions
  4. Adherence to agreements and protocols
  5. Take all steps to restore peace on LAC

So it is always advised to trust armed forces ability to secure our interests.With all these efforts situation is expected to be normalize while we always have our eyes on border consistently with the proceedings and always ready to react accordingly.

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