iOS15 makes things easier for developers to manage in-app purchases, subscriptions and refunds

Apple StoreKit 2 is now available for developers as a part of iOS15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8 launch. StoreKit 2 is the set of APIs for developers to help them better manage in-app purchases and subscriptions of their apps.
The StoreKit 2 is based on the new advancements in Swift-based APIs that simplifies how developers get product information and keep them always updated about what’s happening in their app.
With new APIs, users can easily determine “entitlements and eligibility for offers, get a user’s history of in-app purchases, find out the latest status of a subscription, provide a way to request refunds and manage subscriptions from within your app, and more”.
The StoreKit 2 also brings new Swift concurrency and JSON Web Signature for secure transactions.
The company has also updated the App Store Server API with real-time notifications. This is to let developers know about recent purchases in their app in real-time. Basically, developers will be notified when someone purchases a subscription or in-app items in the app. They will also be notified when a users’ subscription expires. The new real-time notifications will help developers create customised experiences for users. The App Store server notifications will be available later this year.
For those unaware, Apple has recently started rolling out the iOS 15, iPad OS 15 and watch OS8 for older iPhones, iPads and Watches, respectively. The new iOS 15 and iPad 15 brings several new features and improvements such as extended FaceTime support for Android and Windows devices, new notifications, Hide My Email, Focus mode, redesigned Safari, Memoji, Live Text and more. You can read more about iOS 15 here.

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