iOS 15 Siri offline feature: Here’s what works and what doesn’t

Among many new features that iOS 15 brings to iPhone, one feature that appears to be small but very important is the offline capabilities of Siri. Yes, you heard it right. Siri can now work even when you aren’t connected to the internet.
This means Siri can now also process things faster and offer better performance than before. But not everything is hunky and dory here as Siri offline requests have their limitations. Not every command will work when you are offline.
For starters, the offline capabilities of Siri are enabled by default, you don’t need to dig Siri settings to enable it. Here’s a list of commands that works when Siri is offline.

  • Create and dismiss timers and alarms
  • Opening apps
  • Controlling music, podcasts
  • Controlling system settings like to enable/disable dark mode, adjust volume, enable/disable accessibility features, enable low power mode, turn on Airplane mode and more

These are just a few commands that work with Siri when it is offline. Now, now let’s see what works when Siri is online.
The most simple answer to that is everything works when Siri has internet access. All that Siri can do will work.
More specifically, anything that requires continuous updates like weather details, traffic details, HomeKit, reminders, calendar updates, etc won’t work without an internet connection. Also, in-app commands like making FaceTime calls, phone calls or event playing downloaded music or podcast does not work when Siri is offline.

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