How Google plans to help governments assign addresses in rural areas

Google is introducing a new tool called Address Maker app that can help governments and NGOs to create addresses using Plus Codes. The app helps to assign addresses to places by matching a series of letters and numbers to a set of longitudes and latitudes. Currently, there are many places across the globe that don’t yet have an address system and without that people who live or work in the are restricted to many opportunities.
Address maker is designed to let communities create Plus Codes that work in Google Maps and Platform’s APIs. The app is currently available on Android platform and only approved organisations can request access. To apply, an organisation should show that they have the authority and resources to successfully deliver scaled addressing programs in their areas, and that there is a clear addressing need that can benefit from Plus Codes. According to the animated render shared by the company, it looks like you can outline an area on the map and then add addresses for multiple structures at once.
How to get Plus Code of your location
People who already have an existing address that are complicated can also get their location’s Plus Code. You simply have to open Google Maps on your Android smartphone or tablet. Tap on the blue dot that shows your location. A blue screen will open with the Plus Code for your current location. To share the location, paste the Plus Code into your email or messaging app, just as you would do for a traditional address.
According to Google “Creating addresses for a town, village or country could take years – but with Address Maker, organisations can address an entire area in as little as a few weeks or months. Google originally developed Address Maker working together with an NGO (Addressing the Unaddressed) to bring addresses to underserved communities in Kolkata, India. Since then the tool has been used by communities across the globe such as in The Gambia, South Africa, Kenya and the Navajo nation in the United States.”

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