How Amazon may change the way users use Echo speakers in 2021

Your next Amazon Echo speakers could be mounted on the wall. According to a report by Bloomberg, the company is working on a 15-inch Echo device that could be placed on a wall or placed on a table using a stand. The upcoming device is codenamed ‘Hoya’ as the internal documents seen by Bloomberg suggests.
The e-tailer currently offers a wide range of Echo speakers. These include the premium Echo Studio smart speakers, compact and affordable Echo Dot speakers, Echo Show speakers with smart display and the plug and play Echo Flex. The speakers can be placed anywhere in the home as per one’s choice- living room, kitchen or bedroom.
Amazon has announced a hardware event on September 28 where the company is expected to unveil a new range of Echo speakers along with several other products.
Amazon’s largest-ever display on Echo speaker
The upcoming Echo device, as per the Bloomberg report is expected to come with a 15-inch large display. If it happens, then the device codenamed Hoya will be the company’s largest-ever display size on an Echo device ever. At present, Amazon offers devices with displays, but none is as large as 15-inch. Echo Show 10 is the biggest screen so far with a 10.1-inch display.
Amazon may launch a home robot
The Bloomberg report says that the online commerce platform may not revise its main Echo speaker lineup this year. Major updates are expected in 2022. But the company is working on several other products that also includes a home robot codenamed Vesta. Another major device that the company is reportedly working on is the Amazon soundbar. It is codenamed Harmony and is said to have a 5MP front facing camera. The device may allow users to take video calls from their smart TVs. Amazon is also rumoured to be working with automakers to embed Alexa into vehicles without the need of a smartphone.

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