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HIMSS publishes its first-ever report on Connected Health maturity in APAC

In an organisation-first, HIMSS has published a report exploring the maturity of Connected Health in the APAC region.


The HIMSS Insights State of Connected Health in APAC: 2021 report features findings from a survey of 159 e-health professionals in the APAC region, top-level discussions on some of the challenges and opportunities to Connected Health, and a case study on how one of the region’s leaders in digital health is fostering person-enabled health by leveraging digital technologies.


During a highly contagious pandemic where it’s crucial to limit physical interaction while reducing the burden on an already strained healthcare workforce, the value of virtual care cannot be overstated. In the broader scheme of things, Connected Health technologies have the power to enhance patient engagement, patient access to care, and patient empowerment.

Several countries in the APAC region only introduced guidelines for Connected Health services as stopgap measures to ride out COVID-19, with future plans still unclear. And with vaccination programmes being rolled out and the world already moving into a “new normal”, stakeholders need to understand what the challenges to Connected Health are in the long-term, and how these challenges can be overcome to ensure its longevity.


HIMSS members get access to the full report, and a copy of the report will be sent via email.

Non-members can read a one-page summary of the report. The full report can be accessed by becoming a HIMSS member.

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