Hathras SP :AMU Medical College reports no gang rape confirmed ?

HATHRAS: Latest update in hathras gang rape case that hospital’s medical report does not confirms assault of gang rape as reported by Hathras SP Mr. Vikrant Vir.

SP also mentioned that SIT have already visited culprit village and met with her family already. Investigation is on by three member SIT and they have already visited crime spot.

Mr. Lakshkar DM of Hathras told that section 144 is imposed on border of district to avoid exploitation of situation by any political parties of UP including all opposition parties.

U.P Chief Minister Shree Yogi already have chat with her family via video conferencing. On Wednesday Uttar Pradesh government also announced that the kin will be given Rupees 25 lakh as ex-gratia and house, and a government job for one of the family members will be provided.

Medical reported was conducted by Aligarh Muslim University Medical College and they reported that there were injuries on body of 19 year old women but it forced sexual intercourse was not confirmed. Overall meaning of report is that gang rape is not confirmed in medical report.

It is really difficult to say more about authenticity of the report but one thing is very clear 19 year old have lost her life and case was also referred to Delhi by local doctors. Common Question is that if nothing was wrong how come case was transferred.

Was there something wrong in it local administration was trying to hide something? There were many reports in media that culprits belongs to higher society and they have influence in ruling party and so getting un-fare advantage from local administration.

Let me update as you may be already aware about the case from media and television media as well which is in limelight from last few days.Case was reported that Dalit woman was gang raped by four upper cast men.

Once condition of women was not stable with approval of her family case was transferred to Safdarjung Hospital Delhi as she was under treatment at Aligarh Muslim University Medical College before she was referred..

Women got expired .After this case came to limelight across country and many leaders of oppositions like Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati and many more have escalated this earlier raising question on Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Even Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi also have expressed his concern about the case and have a call with U.P Chief Minister and asked him to take all necessary action to restore justice which was informed by U.P Chief Minister on twitter earlier.

U.P Chief Minister have already taken decision to form SIT which also have lower cast member in it and they have been given seven days dead line to present their report. 

Latest about SIT is that they have already reached to destination and they have already started their investigation. We need to wait and watch the outcome of SIT report in another few days.

Many other similar rape incident gets reported in state. One can understand U.P is big state with multi crore population and many rape incident reported but many acts from government agencies like police is the main cause of concern for common man of India.

This are very old and very common evil of India which all state government to control with strict provisions. Many law has been made still gang rape cases have been reported in country in recent years.

This is not an U.P issue, definitely U.P in limelight now for same thing but it is common concerns across India. Looks enforcement of existing rules and regulation is at stake which needs to be improved not only by making statements but implementing it on ground.

All similar cases in past and this as well gets escalated because either accused have more influence either in terms of money or power and local administration act makes it more savvier because of their visible un-fare practices which can be easily observed by common man. Same case has been observed in this case as well that women’s body was not given to her family before doing last act with her body.

All these cases seen in recent years including this one is setting wrong examples in society which must be addressed. In all these cases including ongoing either Mumbai current happenings or this case or many other cases getting reported across country system is getting pointed as victim.

If someone have power or money he or she or any party or politician or any bureaucrats cannot act like dictator and overrule common standard practice and sends signal that common man of country have no value at all and they even need to struggle for their basic rights which may have severe impact for us like country.

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