Government aims to boost ‘scientific temper’ through science museums

The Indian government is aiming to promote scientific temper among children and the younger generation through science museums. The plan was announced by the Union Minister of Science and Technology, Jitendra Singh after signing of MoU between Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and National Council of Science Museums (NCSM). The MoU is focused on setting up science museums at select CSIR Laboratories to promote scientific curiosity and awareness among the common people across all sections of society.
The Union minister called for imbibing scientific thinking to face the challenges of the 21st Century. He said, the recent pandemic has emphasized the importance of increasing awareness of society for science and scientific thinking. He also said that the MoU is a step in this direction and will create a new chapter in the history of science communication and dissemination.
“Science-based, rational and progressive thinking should form the basis for development and in order to strengthen a science-based approach, India is promoting experience-based learning.” said Union Minister Jitendra Singh.
According to the Union Minister of Development of North Eastern Region of India, G Kishan Reddy, the signing of this MoU will connect NCSM and CSIR and its laboratories significantly in fulfilling their objectives. He also assured all the help and assistance from the Ministry in successfully implementing this initiative. The minister also suggested that there is also a need to have synergy and collaboration between other such departments in the Government of India whose aim is also to promote a culture of science, technology and Innovation in the country.
“Globally, it is recognized that Science Centres play an important role in supplementing the science education in the country and creating a culture of science and technology and developing scientific temper amongst the masses and youth in particular”. said G Kishan Reddy.

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