Google is updating its Gboard keyboard app with Smart Compose and improved clipboard suggestions

Google recently updated its Gboard app with a new material design. Now, the company has started rolling out another update with new features for the Gboard app to make typing experience better.
The new features include Emoji Kitchen stickers, Smart Compose features and improved clipboard suggestions.
The Smart Compose feature was already there in Gboard but was only limited to Google Pixel smartphones. Now, it is being extended to non-Pixel devices as well. For those unaware, the Smart Compose is a predictive text feature that we are already familiar with from Gmail. It basically suggests the next word while you type.
In addition, the keyboard now comes with improved clipboard suggestions. Clipboards in Gboard now supports screenshots and automatically segregates address and contact details for easy pasting. The feature has been there in the beta version of Gboard and is now available in the regular version as well.
Another feature that Gboard will receive as a part of today update, but later is the new Emoji Kitchen feature that brings new emojis. As of now, Google has confirmed goat, owl, strawberry and loaf of bread. Google has suggested that it will include around 1500 new stickers this fall.
Reports suggest that new emojis are already showing up to some users in beta version of Gboard. These emojis will be added to Gboard in a future update later this year in the final version of the app.

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