Google Docs is set to get new features: All details

Google is set to roll out an update for its Docs that will help users add a professional flourish to their documents.
As per a new blog post by the company, it will soon allow users to add watermarks to their documents, which will be there behind the text on every page.
Moreover, the new feature will make sure that watermarks already applied to Word documents will remain in place when imported into Google Docs.
Background Watermarks
As per Google, the new feature will give users another way to customize their documents to their liking, so they can ‘share them with confidence’.
Once this feature goes live, inserting a watermark will be as simple as selecting the Watermark option under the Insert menu. From here, users can choose whether to upload an image stored locally, in Google Drive or elsewhere online.
Though users can upload watermark-style images with high opacity, Google Docs will also be able to add a translucent effect after the fact, once an image has been drawn into the system.
Wider comment boxes
The upgraded Docs will have another update along with the watermark tweak. It will improve the legibility of comments in the right-hand side panel.
Currently, comments are capped at 35 characters wide, and so often trail down the page, but Google has now expanded the width of the comments section to 50 characters.
In a separate Google blog post, the company wrote, “Comment width will intelligently scale based on your browser window to maximize the use of available screen space. While screen time may increase in remote and hybrid work environments, this update makes more efficient use of the space by fitting more content on a single line and enhancing readability.”
It will not only be simple to add a professional touch to Google Docs, but it will be easier to collaborate on them too, explained Google.

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