Google adds this useful feature to Meet

NEW DELHI: Google is all set to add another helpful feature in its video conferencing app — Google Meet. In 2019, Google rolled out a real-time video call transcriptions feature and since then the company has added support for multiple languages. After this feature, the tech giant has now started testing live translated captions.
Google claims that live translated captions will help video call participants communicate better by translating a spoken language to captions in another language. Live translated captions will initially be available in beta and will support English meetings translated to Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.
The feature is available in meetings organised by Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching & Learning Upgrade users.
In an official blog post, Google said, “Translated captions helps Google Meet video calls to be more global, inclusive and effective by removing language ability as a barrier to collaboration. By helping users consume the content in a preferred language, you can help equalize information sharing, learning, and collaboration, and make sure your meetings are as effective as possible.”
“Live translated captions can also be impactful for educators by enhancing communication with students who speak a different language than the instructor. This can also enable students to connect with other students across the globe who speak a different language”, added the company.

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