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Geisinger and Noteworth launch virtual care platform to help control chronic diseases

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Geisinger has announced the launch of ConnectedCare365, a virtual care delivery platform for remote patient monitoring, artificial intelligence and data analysis tools.

The new virtual care delivery system is aimed at tracking the health of patients with chronic diseases to improve outcomes. 

Clinicians will also be able to triage and prioritize care for high-risk patients because of the system’s ability to analyze patient-generated data and relevant information from the electronic health record. Geisinger care teams can use the platform to transition patient care after discharge from the hospital.

Patients using ConnectedCare365 will be able to monitor their weight, blood pressure, glucose, and other metrics using a smartphone app. The platform’s direct messaging will allow patients to communicate with care teams. 

Geisinger is offering ConnectedCare365 in partnership with digital health startup Noteworth. The collaboration includes plans to address other key clinical initiatives for diabetes, heart failure, history of stroke risk and post-stroke care, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, case management, behavioral health, COVID-19, and substance use disorders. 


Chronic diseases such as heart failure, hypertension and diabetes are managed by primary care physicians and take up a majority of healthcare spending, accounting for 17% of U.S. GDP.

With the looming threat of a shortage of PCPs by 2033, pressure is building to find ways to consistently make patient care more algorithmic, scalable and cost-effective, while improving patient outcomes.

Karen Murphy, chief innovation officer and founding director of Geisinger’s Steele Institute for Health Innovation, called ConnectedCare365 a “fundamentally different approach to chronic disease management.”

“Using predictive analytics, as well as real-time analysis of clinical and patient-generated data, ConnectedCare365 will help our patients achieve their health goals and better manage chronic conditions,” Murphy said. “Our partnership with Noteworth strengthens our ongoing commitment to making better health easier by developing digital solutions to provide better care to our patients and ultimately drive down healthcare costs.”


Hospitals, insurers and digital innovators are taking on the challenge of improving care and cutting costs through new resources aimed at high-risk patients. 

UnitedHealthcare recently announced a community-based initiative called Community Catalyst that convenes a broad range of community stakeholders to identify and address specific healthcare needs of community members and residents of publicly assisted housing, who are often difficult to reach and serve.

Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente have invested in Medically Home Group, a Boston-based technology company that allows patients to receive acute-level care and recovery services at home.

“With the advent of digital health platforms, we are there when people need us,” said Dr. Cynthia Castro Sweet, senior director of clinical research and policy at Omada Health, ahead of the 2019 Connected Health Conference. “So as they’re making their next meal, or as they’re checking their glucose, or as they’re looking at their medications, they can access their coaches and their own information to start to put together how their behavior patterns influence how they are feeling and how well they feel they are doing with their conditions.”

In August of 2020, Cecelia Health, a virtual diabetes and chronic disease management startup, raised $13 million in Series B funding. 

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