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Flipkart daily trivia quiz June 11, 2021: Get answers to these five questions to win gifts and discount vouchers

Flipkart is back with a new edition of its daily trivia quiz. The quiz offers participants a chance to win gifts, discount coupons and Flipkart Super Coins.
In order to win these prizes, one has to answer all questions of the quiz correctly. Flipkart daily trivia quiz has five questions based on general knowledge and current affairs.
The quiz is available under the Games zone section on Flipkart app. Each question has four options to choose the correct answer from.
Only the first 50,000 participants will be eligible for the quiz prize.
Here are five questions of today’s quiz along with their respective answers to win gifts and discount vouchers

  1. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. In which year did it come into effect in India?
  2. Which type of condiment comes from the Hindi word meaning “to crush”?
  3. On April 23, whose birth is celebrated by the UN as English Language Day?
    William Shakespeare
  4. What is the small muscular sac, situated under the liver, which stores bile called?
    Gall bladder
  5. Which of these is caused by a sudden closure of the human glottis?

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