Farmers have decided to oust BJP: Hooda

LUCKNOW: Congress MP and CWC member Deepender Singh Hooda on Thursday said that UP farmers have decided to oust the BJP in 2022 elections as it has failed to fulfil its promises.
“The Input cost of farming is sky-rocketing while the minimum support price (MSP) has been hit by inflation. The condition of farmers in UP is a cause for national concern as they are neither getting fair price for produce, nor getting respect (from the government),” Hooda told reporters in Lucknow.
He added that the BJP government was mocking the farmers by claiming that it has increased MSP of sugarcane. “Raising sugarcane prices by Rs 25 during its four and a half years is what the BJP government is claiming. This is no favour to them. And by saying that it is an achievement, the government is just fooling the farmers,” he said.
Raising the question of stray cattle in UP, Hooda said this issue impacts every farmer of the state as they are the single biggest threat to standing crops. “Between 2012-2019, the number of stray cattle has risen by 17% and this number continues to grow. There were an estimated 10 lakh stray cattle in 2019 but the number has grown considerably since then. This reflects the state of governance in Uttar Pradesh,” the Congress leader said.

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