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Facebook is said to be working on a video dating app

NEW DELHI: Social networking giant Facebook is testing a new speed dating app called Sparked. The app has been developed by Facebook’s internal NPE Team. For those unaware, NPE apps are meant to be new product experiments, which means they are subject to change.
This new dating app from Facebook is different from the other apps available in the market. The webpage of the app describes it as a video dating app. The free to use app promises no swiping, DMs or public profiles.
As reported by the Verge, “The app will seemingly cycle people through speed video dates that last four minutes. It’s unclear how many video dates a person will go on per event, but the app says that if “you both have a great time” daters will then be scheduled for a 10-minute second date.”
After the second date, the app will suggest the users exchange their contact information to stay in touch further.
The report also adds that it will not be easy for everyone to create a profile on Sparked. In order to create a profile, users will have to first explain what makes them a kind dater. The response submitted will then be reviewed after which they will be given permission to go on a speed date. Also before creating an account, users will also have to specify whether they are looking to date women, men or trans people.
However, it is still not clear as to how the app will match two people or how Facebook will ensure the safety and privacy of the user.

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