Every Rs 100 invested in civil aviation gives economic output of Rs 325: Jyotiraditya Scindia

For every Rs 100 invested in civil aviation, the country receives economic output of Rs 325 and for 100 new direct aviation jobs, 610 more indirect jobs are created, civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya said on Thursday, highlighting the need for developing the sector in India.
International business, investments, trade and jobs cannot be generated without connectivity, the minister said. Therefore, India must become an aviation hub to facilitate better connectivity, he argued.

“The creation of an aviation hub in India is extremely important. Increasing long haul flights means we have to get more wide-bodied aircrafts. And this will be a challenge in the days to come but aviation hub has to come back on our agenda as a country, as a ministry and as an industry,” Scindia said. He was speaking at the 116th annual meeting of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The sector was already contributing close to 3.5% to India’s GDP in an environment where just 10-11% of the population travelled by air, Scindia said. With 20-40 million more middle class families expected to start travelling by air in the near future, there is great opportunity for growth in the sector. In the next 5-6 years, more people could be travelling by air in India than by air-conditioned trains, he added.

“And what that tells us is that the runway is immense. And we are today, just about entering the taxiway of the runway, no pun intended. The potential of this sector is tremendous,” the minister said.

The national infrastructure pipeline for civil aviation was close to Rs 90,000 crore and the government was going to build this infrastructure “aggressively.”

“We are going to build aggressively, connect aggressively. And not only the metros but places like Darbhanga, places like Jharsuguda in Odisha, Kadapa, and many more,” Scindia said.

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